Working Papers

Allard, Scott W., Sandra Danziger, and Maria Wathen. “The Relationship between Food Resource Access and Receipt of SNAP Assistance.”

Allard, Scott W., A. Rupa Datta, Robert Goerge, Colleen Schlect, Elizabeth Weigensberg, and Emily Wiegand. “Agencies’ Use of Administrative Data for Improved Practice: Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities.” Under Review.

Allard, Scott W. and Patricia Ruggles. “The Spatial Context of Food Shopping: Understanding How Local Food Retailer Access and Pricing Affect Household Behavior.”

Allard, Scott W. and H. Luke Shaefer. “Neighborhood Food Infrastructure, Economic Shocks, and Food Security among Households with Children.”

Allard, Scott W., Maria Wathen, and Sarah Paisner*. “Grocery Shopping and Access to Food Retailers in Metropolitan Detroit.”

Allard, Scott W., Maria Wathen, H. Luke Shaefer, and Sandra Danziger. “Neighborhood Food Infrastructure and Food Security in Metropolitan Detroit.” Under Review.

Fyall, Rachel and Scott W. Allard. “Nonprofits and Political Work: A Joint Consideration of the Political Activities, Programs, and Organizational Characteristics of Social Service Nonprofits.” Under Revise and Resubmit.

Gillooly, Jessica W.* and Scott W. Allard. “Religious Congregations and Social Service Provision Across the U.S.”


* – Indicates graduate student co-author