cover_placesinneedA few media pieces on Places in Need are starting to appear, with more to come. I appreciate the efforts of journalists to help get the word out about the poverty problems the book confronts and actions we can take to address those problems.

Michelle Chen write a great piece in The Nation  entitled, “Why Are America’s Suburbs Becoming Poorer?”  I like this line from the article, which summarizes the argument of the book well: “ The poor aren’t exceptional in any community, and dealing with the roots of poverty requires coming together instead of pulling apart.”

Dwyer Gunn also wrote up our conversation as a Q&A for Pacific Standard:  Why Poverty Is Skyrocketing In The Suburbs.  We did this while I drove in rush hour traffic for a meeting in Olympia – so she gets credit for being patient as I merged and weaved – but the conversation really hit on key themes confronting urban and suburban communities.

Finally, given that the book challenges us to rethink issues of place and charitable philanthropy, I was appreciative to see Philanthropy New York write-up the book.

Written by Scott W. Allard